I was the primary instructor for 18 pre-college students at Brown and also served as a TA for Machine Learning for Earth & Environment

Summer @ Brown 2023

This summer, I taught the 2-week high school class Quantum Mechanics: The Intersection of Physics and Philosophy as part of Brown's precollege programs. Below are photos of me explaining vector transformations, our tennis ball recreation of Thomas Young's famous double slit experiment, and a telescope photo of the moon from our field trip to Brown's Ladd Observatory- which houses an historical nineteenth century telescope.

Holding up a piece of paper with a vector drawn on it

A visual illustration of vector transformations

 a tennis ball being tossed through one of two slits made by water bottles

Collecting data on Young's Double Slit Experiment, using a tennis ball

 the moon threw a telescope

The class culminated with an optional field trip to Brown's Ladd Observatory

Programming resources

Below is a running list of resources that have helped me build my skill set, along with many additional ones I have not had time to explore. I think of it as the open source instruction manual for learning the tools of an earth/water/climate/geospatial/remote sensing scientist!

The most up-to-date version can be found in my lab's github repository.

* * *